Gentzkow v. Gentzkow — Case 89 DR 325

Twentieth Judicial District — Boulder County

Magistrate Gerald Perryman
District Judge Morris Sandstead
Court of Appeals James S. Casebolt, JoAnn L. Vogt, and John D. Dailey
Colorado Supreme Court
Hearing date: 1989
Matter before the bar: Dissolution of marriage and child custody

Magistrate(?) Gerald Perryman not an attorney and held position illegally

Betty James, f/k/a Betty Gentzkow and a retired nurse, noticed that Gerald Perryman, assigned as magistrate on her case, was biased and unfair during their dissolution of marriage proceedings. His orders were absurd, totally contrary to law, and his rulings resulted in complete destruction of her parental rights. From his actions, statements, and rulings she inferred that Gerald Perryman did not know the law.

Ms. James then reviewed the records at the Supreme Court Attorney Regulatory Agency, and discovered that Mr. Gerald Perryman was not licensed to practice law in Colorado and held his appointment as a magistrate illegally.

The Relevant Law

How Mr. Perryman Corrupted The Law

C.R.S. § 13-5-301 (2): All family law magistrates shall be a qualified attorney-at-law admitted to practice in Colorado and in good standing.

Mr. Perryman issued orders and rulings from a position that he did not have the legal qualifications for. As a result his rulings from a bench he could not legally occupy were unlawfully imposed on citizens to their immense harm and detriment.

Thus, under Colorado law, Gerald Perryman had no more right than any ordinary citizen to issue court orders. Therefore, every motion that Mr. Perryman had ruled on in the dissolution proceedings were invalid People v. Torkelson, November 24, 2000.

District court


As district judges are the first level of appeal from rulings and orders by magistrates and county judges, Ms. James appealed to District Judge Sandstead for relief from the unlawful and destructive rulings of Mr. Perryman.

Judge Morris Sanstead denied her petition.

Court of Appeals — Case 00 CA 0255


Ms. James then appealed to the next higher court. Judges James S. Casebolt, JoAnn L. Vogt and John D. Dailey not only upheld the illegal orders entered by an unlicensed layman, they sanctioned Ms. James for "frivolous argument." Judge James Casebolt further forbade Ms. James from entering court as a pro se litigant.

Since Mr. Perryman's orders had effectively rendered Ms. James indigent — she was unable to pay for a lawyer and thereby precluded from any further attempts at obtaining justice.

Judicial Discipline Commission


A complaint to the Judicial Discipline ommission and the Unauthorized Practice of Law committee resulted in a reply from one John S. Gleason to the effect that: "...officials in Boulder County District Court chose to hire Mr. Perryman despite knowing that he was not a licensed attorney."

Ms. James then went to the Boulder District Attorney exposing the fraudulent "judge" sitting on the Boulder bench and asking that he be prosecuted. Alex Hunter replied:

As inured as we at the Equal Justice Foundation have become to judicial corruption, we find it incredible that Judge James Casebolt and his colleagues could sanction a citizen for the clearly unlawful actions of the judiciary.

Colorado Supreme Court —Case 01 SC 0392


Denied certiorari.

Betty James was denied justice and any remedy to the illegal orders issued against her by an unqualified magistrate who held his position illegally.

Perhaps the only good to come of this mockery of justice is that Mr. Gerald Perryman is no longer in Colorado.


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