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These words are written in defense of freedom

Our objective is to fix the problem, not the blame

We do not condone violence but argue that history shows it is more commonly and broadly propagated by denying civil liberties than controlled.1

Arrests without a warrant, forcing citizens from their homes and children with nothing more than the clothes on their back without even the pretense of due process, searches without a warrant, seizures of their property without redress, mandatory arrests often based on nothing more than hearsay, assuming the accused is guilty until proven innocent, mere allegations that suffice as proof, denial of the right to confront the accuser and obtain witnesses in one's defense, denied the assistance of counsel, punishment and imprisonment that occurs before a trial or without one, public censure for crimes men have not committed, indentured servitude and often outright slavery, and more, are acts of a police state and the policies of tyrants. 2

One of the most difficult concepts for people to accept is the fact that “domestic violence” rarely involves criminal intimate partner violence. What it does involve under current definitions are financial problems, emails, telephone messages, dirty looks, swearing, loud arguments, neighbors calling the cops, jealousy, revenge, vengeance, infidelity, paternity fraud, custody battles, false allegations, lunachics, mental problems, self-inflicted injuries, post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), traumatic brain injuries (TBI), and maybe some pushing and shoving. Of course all of these problems are exacerbated if one or both are involved with substance abuse, alcohol or drugs (both legal and illegal).

Charges of domestic violence or abuse, all too often combined with allegations of child physical and sexual abuse, have become the weapon of choice for women in divorce and custody battles. Despite the demonstrable fact that over 75% of these charges are lies, women are encouraged by attorneys and rewarded with the house and kids for making such statements, and face no penalty for their false accusations.

The abuse of restraining orders in domestic violence cases far exceeds 50% of all such orders issued and there is credible evidence that such orders actually increase the violence in many cases. 3

There is no greater shock than to find that even with both law and facts in your favor, your constitutional rights are worthless because you can't get the courts or government to enforce them. Throughout history such actions by a State have been the cause of violence, not the cure.

Those who take the time to read these pages will note that current laws to control “domestic” or “intimate partner” violence deny the accused virtually every liberty spelled out by the Bill of Rights while doing very little to define or solve the problem.

Do such draconian measures work?


In examining the problems of families and intimate partner violence some simple facts emerge from study after study:

• The safest place for a child is with their biological father; conversely, the most dangerous place for a child is in the home of a single mother.

• The safest place for a woman is in her home married to the biological father of her children.

• Men and women are equally violent in domestic relationships with 25-30% of intimate partner violence being exclusively female on male, 50% mutual combat (it usually takes two to tangle), and the remaining 20-25% exclusively male on female violence making it the least of the problem.

• In younger couples women are two to three times as violent as their male partners.

• Lesbian relationships are the most violent of all intimate relationships.

• On average, there are as many mentally-disturbed women as men.

• While biology requires sex to create a child, civilization requires marriage and families to raise the child.

• Under current laws and practices a man has to be functionally insane to marry and a drooling idiot to sire a child, the antithesis of civilized necessity.

• The well-intentioned efforts of many to reduce family violence has been perverted by redfems (used here as a synonym for neo-Marxist radical feminists) to virtually eliminate families. As of 2012 well over 40% of children are born to single mothers.

• Finally, Erin Pizzey, who pioneered the shelter for battered women movement in 1971, states that “Any country that has tried to create a political solution to human problems has ended up with concentration camps and gulags.”

It would be well to keep these fundamental findings in mind as you proceed through these pages. But make no mistake, we are engaged in an epic battle between two incompatible ideologies with fundamentally different views of the rights of the individual and the power of the state, with the future of civilization at stake.

These competing ideologies are generally categorized under the headings of “patriarchy,” representing the present system; and “matriarchy,” representing the return of the goddess and earth mother, and a more primitive relationship between man and woman and their children. And the return of the matriarchy is to be imposed by the power of the State when reason and logic fails.

It is basic to our premises to understand that we are not speaking here of those individuals who consider themselves “feminists” because they support equal opportunity in employment and education, equal rights under the rule of law, equal protection under law, and protection from violence for all persons. These positions are supported by those on the right and the left and certainly by the Equal Justice Foundation. However, equal rights also demands equal responsibility and that has been sadly lacking in radical feminism.

In the radical feminist ideology there is no distinction between potential and probability. An allegation suffices for proof and we must “believe the victim,” if, and only if, she is female . Hearsay is taken for gospel. The terms “accused” and “accuser” are therefore inadmissible. As defined by these ideologues the only acceptable terms with reference to males are “abuser,” “batterer,” “offender,” or “perpetrator .” And women are always, and only, “victims,” and violence by a woman is exclusively and dogmatically “self defense.”

Efforts to stop domestic abuse have therefore been fundamentally focused on simply blaming males. As with any prohibition, draconian laws often produce the opposite of what should be the intent. Our objective is restoration of a more balanced view, equal rights, restoration of civil liberties, and fixing the problem.

These words are not for those who believe every woman is as sacrosanct as the Virgin Mary. These words better describe Madonna, the Material Girl. We have been appalled to find that roughly half of the hundreds of married men who have contacted the Equal Justice Foundation for help were charged with domestic violence after finding evidence their wives were having an affair. That finding is supported by DNA paternity testing in which ~30% of the 400,000-odd tests now done every year show the presumptive father wasn't. Yet the courts enter child support orders with little regard for actual paternity, and often by default.

Experience and common sense tell us that violence is common behavior with many women. When she founded the first shelter for battered women in 1971, Erin Pizzey found that: “...62 women out of the first hundred women who came to the refuge were as violent or more violent than the men they left. Also many were prostitutes taking refuge from their violent pimps.” Pizzey also notes that such violent women abuse their children as well.

Lesbian relationships are the most commonly violent. More than 50% of couples in some surveys report acts of domestic violence. That single fact puts the lie to the feminist mantra that it is always men who batter and women are always the innocent victims. Abuse of the elderly and children is also linked to female perpetrators more commonly than not.

Family violence is therefore a human problem, not a gender issue.

Demographic data for Colorado do not support a correlation between divorce and domestic violence. One of the most likely explanations for this lack of correlation being that less than half of the couples involved in such incidents are married.

An examination of the police reports in Colorado Springs for the fifteen-year period 1990-2004, bridging the passage of the current domestic violence law in 1994, shows the principal discernible effect of current law is to deter citizens from calling for help in domestic disturbances.

It has been suggested that a better description of “domestic” violence would be “shack-up” violence because it is most common, particularly where children are involved, when the woman is living with a boyfriend. And even that summation isn't accurate as data from the Colorado Bureau of Investigation show that as of 2010 only 29% of domestic violence incidents reported to the police involved married couples.

This is a profound observation because in Colorado we really aren't dealing in the main with “wife battering” in arrests for domestic violence. In fact, in only about 3% of the cases that come before the courts is the violence at a dangerous level. Most cases that are presently prosecuted do not fit the definition an ordinary citizen would probably apply for criminal domestic violence.

The issue of domestic violence is addressed here from the male perspective and for those men who have suffered abuse at the hands of their female companions. We propose that it be universally recognized that, unless one of the partners is deranged, a not uncommon occurrence, that: “It takes two to tangle.” But we also note that by simply reversing the gender in the following chapters, what we have written has been of great value to the many women entrapped in these nightmares.

A widely quoted survey suggests 1.8 million women a year are seriously assaulted, yet the same study states that 2.2 million men are equally assaulted during the same period.

Abused men are the victims of not only their intimate partners, but the police, the courts, and the social system if they dare report the abuse or fight the charges against them.

Current laws, led by the Federal Violence Against Women Act 4 (VAWA), are based on the radical feminist ideology that violence against women is inherent in a patriarchy. Thus, the male is guilty until proven innocent once a woman charges him. As a result, a man is currently punished both while trying to prove his innocence, and even afterwards.

Government and private funds directed toward curbing domestic abuse are for the exclusive benefit of women or directed toward the punishment of men. This is not equal justice for all and addresses less than 25% of the problem!

In these pages we have tried to provide information to help you if you have been charged with domestic violence or abuse or have had a restraining order filed against you. A review of definitions and statistics regarding domestic violence; opinions and information about women and their behavior; stories from men who have been abused by women; suggestions about what you can do as an individual; a review of the present situation and how we got here; and proposed reforms are all provided within these pages.

We hope this site is of some use to you personally and in restoring the civil liberties we have enjoyed for over two-hundred years under the Constitution of the United States of America.

Our objective is to fix the problem, not the blame!



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| 1 — Charged with Domestic Violence? | 2 — Protection Orders | 3 — Domestic Violence | 4 — Domestic Violence Statistics |

| 5 — Stalking | 6 — DV And The Law | 7 — Colorado Judges—Citizen's Review | 8 — Demographics Of Domestic Violence In Colorado |

| 9 — Male Perspective | 10 — Female of the Species | 11 — Violent Women | 12 — Stories Of Violent Women And Abused Men In Colorado |

| 13 — Women Who Killed Their Partners In Colorado | 14 — Applicable Colorado Laws | 15 — Social Goals | 16 — Other Sources For Help |


This site is supported and maintained by the Equal Justice Foundation.

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1. The term “redfems” is used as a synonym for neo-Marxist radical feminists as described by the essays here.

2. The State of Colorado is at the forefront of the domestic violence movement. Unless otherwise noted, comments made here, and links to state statutes, are made with regard to the State of Colorado. While our goals and comments are intended to be broadly applicable, they are specific to the laws of Colorado. Even within this state, application and enforcement of the state and federal statutes varies from one jurisdiction to the next.

3. A deliberate attempt is made to use data that are available on the Internet whenever possible. References are hyperlinked when available links exist. Commonly the Web site for an article or book will only contain an abstract. In that case the Web site will usually allow you to link to more comprehensive sites or buy the book if you are interested. You will need Adobe Acrobat on your machine to access some the links we reference. We try to keep the links as current as possible but we do not control what is on other sites nor can we be sure the links will always work. We always appreciate hearing from you and would appreciate it if you reported any broken or no longer appropriate links you may encounter.

4. All references to the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) are made with regard to Federal law.